} } position: relative; margin-left: 30px } width: 30% font-weight: normal; #header-nav.f-nav .float-menu div:first-child { text-align: center; width: 128px; Add to cart. } display: none !important; well as adjust the power level for the right amount of suction for the job. .newbrandlist { Titan power teams provide exceptional value in their price range. border: solid 3px #dddddd; .wallinletstopmenu img { } border: solid 0px; display: block; width: 100%; columns: 5; .powerunits tr td:nth-child(0n+1) { font-weight: bold text-decoration: none; border: solid 0; color: #ffffff; color: #ffff00; } } padding: 10px; } } } line-height: 1.2!important; color: #000000; .partmenu { } font-size: 18px width: 32.5% display: block transform-origin: 50% 50%; Quick Release Handle & Nozzle - This feature allows the user to easily switch between cleaning attachments. } #search_mini_form .search-button { color: #1861BD; li.discontinued .actions .button { .thebox .h2wrap h2 { .tab-content h3 { border-radius: 5px; left: 5vw; display: none!important -moz-column-gap: 2px; } [class^='altblock']:hover { text-decoration: underline color: #3399cc top: 20px; } #superpage h2 { #best10>ul>li { height: 60px !important; } font-weight: bold; padding: 8px; .partsbanner { display: none .tab-content h3 a { suction and rigorous agitation for deep cleaning of any type of carpeted floor. .listbrandnav ul li { position: relative; .header-minicart .info-wrapper { font-weight: bold; text-transform: capitalize padding-top: 15px Vacuums and Vacuum Parts > New Vacuum Cleaners > Canister vacuums > Titan Canister Vacuums > T9500 Titan Canister Vacuum with Power Nozzle. } text-align: center; } margin-right: 10px; border-radius: 5px @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { } } #productlistpage1 .turbo-featured .banner { Best Selling Combo. .menu_bybrandlist.four li a { } This canister vacuum provides a powerful cleaning performance on carpets and bare floors. .shopbybrand a img { } background: #449944; } Upright Vacuums; Canister Vacuums; Stick Vacuums; Robotic Vacuums; ... We have a very large selection of genuine and replacement Titan parts available. border: solid 0 #999999; width: 32.5%; that produces strong suction and good } titan t9500 canister vacuum cleaner w/plush power nozzle and on board tools. margin-top: -115px; #snize-search-results-grid-mode, Customers Also Purchased These Related Items. -moz-columns: auto 5; } #best10 img { bottom: 0; Bag Full Sensor- Never second guess when you need to change the vacuum bag. position: relative; .motor-right { Enter your Email Address here to receive a link to change password. } border-bottom: solid 1px #1861BD } } .systems_list { Powerful 12 Amp. border: solid 0; #sales-banner p { .usicons img { color: #000000; reduce recirculation of dust and allergens back into your The belt is positioned indented from the edge of the brush roll, enabling } border-radius: 3px We Check Now. font-size: 11px color: #fff; height: 185px } .menu_bybrandlist, -webkit-appearance: none; The slide switch give you the ability to easily turn the vacuum and power #sales-banner .morelink { deluxe power teams are marketed through vacuum cleaner specialty stores border: solid px; This Titan Power Nozzle is one of the best available. .shopbybrand ul { } } } width: 100%!important; This special design enables you to keep the dusting brush easily accessable, even when using } .wand_brandlist .newbrandlist .menucarat, .compare-powerbar { } background: #ffff00 float: right .logo img { } } color: #ffffff!important; top: 0; } .products-grid .saveprice { font-size: 24px; max-width: 825px; margin: 5px 0; width: auto; position: absolute; width: 50%; .products-list.completepack .listview-img .product-name a { .shopbybrand ul li { .logo { padding: 30px 0 10px 20px width: auto position: relative; #dropdown li { border: solid 0px; Like the other reviewer, I did not buy this vac through Amazon, but also through a small vacuum store. padding: 5px; Send Message. When finished with your cleaning tasks, the 24' power cord margin: 0; color: #01ADEF; color: #ff9900; font-size: 12px #search { .tabcontainer .col-2 .col-1-3 a { display: table; .products-list>li { } margin: auto .brandlogo img { .products-list .sellingpoint img { width: 50px; } padding: 0; suction control on the hose handle, quick disconnect hose and wands, integrated dusting Code: T9500, Genuine Titan Dustbags, Filters & Supplies, 1038 Lancaster Road, Manheim, PA 17545-9747. .products-list .product-name a { font-size: 10px; .smiled { margin-left: 15px; /* end media 1366 */ border: solid 4px #333333; width: 47%; or Buy It Now. #superpage .col-main a.inline-btn:hover { .mini-products-list .product-details { -moz-appearance: none; color: #ffffff } } margin: 0; position: absolute; position: absolute; } .newbrandlist li { color: #000000; font-style: italic border: solid 0px #ff0000!important; } float: right max-height: 65px; text-align: left; Previous in Titan Canister Vacuums: Next in Titan Canister Vacuums >> Price: $499.00. carpeted floors. .products-list.completepack .desc.std li { border: 1px solid #666; #dropdown li a:hover { .readmoreall { } .usicons { top: 0px; margin-top: 0; } You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. @media only screen and (max-width:600px) { position: relative } .powerunits .footage { } } table.powerunits tbody tr:nth-child(odd) { ul.social li { Titan vacuum cleaners are manufactured by Windsor. } margin-right: 6%; .centerheader.col-md-5 { } box-shadow: none; position: absolute; border-bottom: solid 1px } body.page-empty.cms-page-view.cms-find-right-attachment-kit { Serving South Central Pennsylvania Since 1957 and Everyone with a Website Since 1996. border-radius: 5px; Hose Assemble-Titan T9500 Canister quantity. max-height: 275px .floatvideo { .scroll-to-fixed-fixed { background: #83c783; Bank's Vacuum stocks the world's largest selection of the best vacuum cleaner brands. height: 50px !important; .main h2 { } margin-bottom: 5px; .headertop .centerheader div.h2 { the wide rewind pedal. width: 150px; color: #ffffff border: solid 1px; float: right; } line-height: 16px; -webkit-columns: auto 5; height: 92px } .tabcontainer li.brandtext { .logo img { letter-spacing: 1px; HEPA Exhaust Filter margin-top: -6px; font-weight: bold; T9500. This is especially convenient for cleaning text-align: center; } margin-top: 10px; .olark-attention-grabber.olark-bottom-left { top: 55px; simply disconnect } h5.tblcmptle { The Titan model T9500 carries its Floor The feature-rich T9500 easily... Save this Item (? position: relative; } } margin: 0; width: 23.5%; .Titan Canister HEPA Filter also Fits Kenmore Canister vacuums using EF9 HEPA Filter .headertop .centerheader div.h2 { text-align: center padding: 0px !important; left: 0; padding: 10px; float: right; background: #339900; display: none #large_comparesystems td { } Titan canister vacuums are designed to provide outstanding cleaning performance with powerful motors and electric power nozzles that work together to produces strong suction and excellent agitation for deep cleaning on carpets and bare floors. Apr 26, 2018 - Explore The Vacuum Factory's board "Titan Vacuums" on Pinterest. .catalog-category-view .products-list .was { Titan's T9500 Deluxe Canister is durable, sleek, and packed full of features. font-size: 16px; margin-bottom: 15px; position: absolute; } text-transform: capitalize; } .findbybrand li.brandtext { font-size: 1.3em padding: 0px !important; position: absolute; } } margin-bottom: 20px!important; border: solid 0 #999999; .chatdiv, *Promo Codes currently exclude the following brands and products who chose not to participate: } left: 60px; #mobileheadersearch { padding: 0 1em 1em } display: block margin: 0; I had bought a top rated Consumer Reports vacuum several years before and quickly soured on it. additional models of Titan Power Teams, width: 24.5% font-weight: bold; } padding-left: 10px; width: 75px; } } } width: 16.66% Featuring lifetime lubricated columns: 1 table.powerunits .titles .btn:hover { padding: 15px!important; font-weight: bold text-transform: capitalize display: block; } color: #ffffff; } .tabcontainer .col-2 .col-2-3 { box-shadow: 3px 15px 9px #666666 font-size: 13px font-size: 16px; } line-height: 14px .nav-container-mobile { font-size: 12px; line-height: 10px!important; padding-bottom: 6px its overload protector reacts quickly to turn it off, protecting the belt and font-style: normal font-weight: normal!important; width: 268px; } .chatdiv { max-width: 100% !important;