Again, it seems completely random when this happens, but it happens often enough that you should know about it. I am so happy to have read about this topic: Composite decking. A composite deck is not trouble free however. For me, I’m not comfortable trusting the same companies who told us 20 years ago that their product was foolproof and failed that now they’ve REALLY made it foolproof. It is a fiberglass composite but I cannot find much information on them. This deck has now been installed at this coastal home for 18 years. The new shade pairs well in … Are you familiar with Wolf Serenity deck boards? Wolf decking is probably top 3. Even though it’s the PVC and ASA, it’s what’s in the mix of the product. I’m in the mid-atlantic and have replaced both of my decks — beach and suburbs – with Zuri. I am in the process of switching over to aluminum boards which are more expensive. Learn more at Trex Enhance Basics is a simple alternative if you want composite decking, but it only comes in three hues with Beach Dune, Clam Shell, and Saddle. Trex's Color Selector can help you choose the ideal color for you, your deck, and your home. Reviews There are no reviews yet. And because the boards are scalloped, they’re as lightweight as lumber—without the extra work. Do not buy Trex! This deck has now survived three seasons of snow, freezing temperatures, and direct, all day summer sun. The railings are showing signs of fatigue as well. Then there are PVC options and inorganic composite options like Deckorators that simply outperform everything. It is NOT a true PVC product. This was 1999 and a brand new product was just making its way into the decking and railing industry. So they created their own term called Armor Alloy Technology. If there is mold, you will have a problem with virtually all warranties. Everybody knows color fades in the sun, but composite decking companies seem to be oblivious to what their products are really capable of. Especially prevalent on older and uncapped composited decking, mold shows up quickly and is more difficult to eradicate than you’d expect. composite decking. It’s a very good deck board. Trex Enhance Clam Shell Fascia 8″ x 12′ $ 4.79 Lin/ft Add to cart; Trex Hideaway Start and Stop Clip Decking Fastener $ 34.99 Add to cart; TrapEase 3 in Trex Clam Shell 100 sq/ft by Fastenmaster $ 43.99 Add to cart; TrapEase Fascia Screws – Clamshell – 100 Lin/Ft by Fastenmaster $ 62.99 Add to cart As you read on, this has not been the case with further Trex experiences, and I attribute the overall condition of this deck to being primarily under a covered porch, subjected to only rain and limited direct sunlight. Not necessarily. These aren’t cheap but we are doing them ourselves and using out own hardware. Simpson Strong-Tie TRX20CS Deck-Drive DCU Screw Plugs Trex - Clam Shell 75ct 4.4 out of 5 stars 39 $21.86 $ 21 . They have gotten so spongey that they sag from one board to the next making your decking like a mini rollercoaster. The problem I’m having is it turns moldy constantly it’s cracking and it flakes off in strange circular type patterns. 16 Ft. - Enhance Basics Composite Capped Grooved Decking - Clam Shell Clam Shell is an easy-to-match shade of medium grey, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern. The new profile means these boards won't work with deck plugs, as … At this juncture, we’re considering replacing the deck with a 3-seasons room and just utilize the concrete patio, next to it, when we want to be outdoors. Please try your search again later. Our deck has not suffered any of the mentioned problems, other than several very small flecks of white plastic that has shown through in a few areas and a couple of barely noticeable bubbles that have not blistered through. We subsequently installed the Trex deck boards in two 20×23 foot sections using a single Trex deck board at an adjacent angle to separate the two sections from each other. Trex Enhance. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. your own Pins on Pinterest Cost: Is Azek More Expensive Than Trex? In 2006, we built a home in central Oregon, a high desert area known for cold winters with snow, occasional sub-zero temperatures and summers with intense sun and extremely dry humidity. When stacking decking bundles, supports They have a nice wood grain texture but not as pronounced but still nice. The areas under cover still retain the wood grain look. To date this decking is showing superior wear to the original Trex product. Old houses can be daunting and that’s why I’m here to help you figure them out. The key to success is to use the proper product for what you are trying to do. Does anyone have experience with TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection or TimberTech Pro Legacy being used in desert/extreme heat/high sun areas? The Enhance Basic colors include Clam Shell, Beach Dune & Saddle. This one has been the issue that I encounter most- composite decking boards that feel like a trampoline when you walk on them. Look up consumer affairs and read all the horrible reviews about trex. x 12 ft. Pebble Grey Square Edge Capped Composite Decking Board, Gray I have a 12x12 Grey Trex deck attached to the house off the kitchen . Azek is OK. Other than a yearly light washing with my pressure washer to remove dirt and a small accumulation of mold, the deck has kept its integrity. Warm, authentic tones and enhanced mold and mildew resistance make these boards beautiful and easy to care for. I went the same way, extruded aluminum and removed my TREX. There is actually nothing wrong with my current deck, it’s as strong as ever, even after 36 years! Trex Enhance Basics 16-ft Clam Shell Square Composite Deck Board Item # 1288865 Model # CS010616E2S01 Trex's composite decking in the color Clam Shell is an easy-to-match shade of medium grey featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern I assume no one in the form has to ability to buy Vekadeck or else I’d see it mentioned. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. 16 Ft. - Enhance Basics Composite Capped Grooved Decking - Clam Shell Clam Shell is an easy-to-match shade of medium grey, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern. feet deck in the Dallas, Tex. It’s not a true PVC deck board however it is Vinyl. Marie. It’s not a true PVC deck product and many customers had issues around 10-15 years. It’s strong enough to span the 16″ on a very solid structure. You can always go above and beyond code. algae?) Area. This new composite decking claims to be more weather and stain resistant but unfortunately cannot be butted up to the original Trex because of the thickness difference. Enhance Naturals & Basic are as easy on the eyes as it is on your weekends. It looks great and is maintenance free. If you can find that, it’s your best option. fascia boards Composite decking is really the better choice for most people. Do not buy anything w a 10 yr warranty. 433. You cannot go to any lumber yard or store and order Veka. Don’t be fooled by the contractors on here saying it’s not what it used to be. The latest generation of Trex Enhance Basics Collection offers homeowners high-performance, low-maintenance composite decking at a value that makes it an attractive option for any project. I only had mine for six years and the boards have warped. Learn how your comment data is processed. ... Arbordeck > Trex® Composite Decking > Clam Shell – Trex Enhance® Basics. I installed Nexan decking designed for resistance to penetration and found that I removed over 1,000 lbs from the weight of the deck, found that it was actually cooler to walk on, and was able to hold less than 1/8″ width variation over a 16′ span. They received rempensation from Trex and ultimately had to have the deck replaced, bearing the cost of installation themselves. Their deck almost immediately began to bubble with large chunks of the deck actually flaking off. Trex and Veranda are two name brands in the newest family of wood composite materials. Discover (and save!) Order Trex composite decking samples direct to your door. This decking, installed in an unprotected area and subject to the central Oregon weather extremes, is similar to the second generation Trex deck I installed on the Oregon coast. I’m a general contractor working in historic restoration, a #1 Amazon best selling author, and I’m here to show you how you can do-it-yourself! I am an retiring lady looking to redo the wood surface of my 24×16 deck in Miami with Fiberon Goodlife weekender composite decking boards. Check their lawsuit 3 years ago. The modern composite deck can remain beautiful for years with minimal upkeep; although you will always have to admit that you are standing on plastic, not real wood. Clam Shell is an easy-to-match shade of medium grey, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern. If you are doing a composite — read the specifications and installation instructions. What can you tell me about this product……pros and cons? There are serious inherent design problems with the composite decking product. The early generation of Trex composite was very susceptible to mold, stains, didn’t really have […] When they can make a product that is consistently better than wood, then I’ll be in line for it, but until then I’m sticking with a reliable option like wood. The home builder was so impressed by the product (at that time) he wished that he had used it for the large deck, he had recently built, on his own home. I wanted to have a more balanced garden with an extra feature area. Take a look at some of the websites where homeowners have posted their reviews, and you’ll read 1 and 2 star reviews all day long. Order a sample online today. Trex Enhance is our low-maintenance, high-performance composite that offers all the charm and none of the trouble of real timber. Instead, Trex was offering its second generation product, and we chose the Trex Select line. It’s a good board, I’d place it up there in like the top 3 you can buy. By researching Trex, I learned that the company faced two lawsuits for their first generation Trex decking, brought forth by allegations that their Nevada plant, between 2003 and 2006, manufactured a board that was subject to splitting, staining, bubbling, warping, discoloring, etc. It’s very difficult to get and they only offer their products to the top decking companies in the country. Yes, it’s can be scratched with something that scratches but there is a touch-up kit that quickly repairs the surface. The big box stores sell mid level products — “it’s the best we sell” . It’s not wood, so it shouldn’t be expanding and moving the same, right? Please don’t make an expensive mistake and listen to the contractor whos limited to these composite products. Many people in these comments are wrong and spreading false information. fir beams. Trex Enhance™ G2 Basics(Good) & Naturals(Better) - Quality decking that fulfills your backyard's greatest ambition. Trex Enhance is our low-maintenance, high-performance composite that offers all the charm and none of the trouble of real wood. If you find Aztech for a good deal, snag it, but Fiberon seems to be the go to now. Otherwise this is very misleading and straight up false on most points with any decent brand. Price: $5.00 Qty QTY: Overview; Specifications; COLOR STORY. The groove edge boards intall with a hidden fastening system, ... trex 12' clamshell composite fascia boards trex deck facia 11.375 in. With its high-definition grain pattern and classic colour options, Enhance features a rich, sophisticated finish at a value that only adds to its appeal. Have you any tried of the bamboo decking ? How about you? We have the edge on your deck. I’m actually surprised you got quotes with trex being more expensive. QR Code Link to This Post. While owning a nearly one hundred year old home on the harsh Oregon coast, the time finally came to replace the rotted covered front porch deck and stairs. My deck is ugly now and no one is helping me be compensated for this crap decking. Trex Enhance is fade-and-stain resistant and the long-lasting materials will prevent mold and mildew build up. Options include Beach Dune, Clam Shell, and Saddle. Trex 1001400839 Wolf PVC decking is very good too. This review is from: Trex Select 1 in. I chose to use square slotted deck screws, specifically designed for composite decking and in the same reddish color as the decking itself. How do I know if a contractor is knowledgeable?? The accounts of issues are repeated with a frightening regularity and sameness throughout the threads of complaints. Trex Product Review: Two Decades Of Decking. Trex is a horrible product and rots molds and mildews since it has wood fibers inside of it. Joists are 2x10x13’. Generally, soap and water is all that is required to clean Transcend, Enhance, and Select products. With its high-definition grain pattern and classic colour options, Enhance features a rich, sophisticated finish at a value that only adds to its appeal. The spindles and posts were also made of the same material. You can’t go wrong with any type of decking from Trex, but we’ve created a chart to help you decide which type is best for your needs. Browse 13 Trex Enhance Clam Shell on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning trex enhance clam shell or are building designer trex enhance clam shell from scratch, Houzz has 13 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Transitional Designs, LLC and Morris Originals. Some composite decking won’t move a bit and others have been found to shrink, swell, warp, twist, bow, and any other word you want to use in amounts unheard of, even with wood. Even buying the best cedar and finishing both sides — 10 years it was a mess. On this 2 Minute Decking Show Matt & Mike talk about Trex Enhance Decking for 2019. Has no relevance to the overall market. Enhance Saddle is an easy-to-match shade of medium brown, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern. This review is from: Trex Enhance 1 in.  This Trex, which thankfully did match the Madeira color perfectly, now came in a slightly thinner version with side grooves for yet another improved fastener system and a much deeper simulated grain. Job Site Storage Store decking on a flat level surface and ALWAYS use proper supports (dunnage). The early generation of Trex composite was very susceptible to mold, stains, didn’t really have […] We have been lucky. I am planning on running extra joists to make it 12 OC but a few bolts will require me to tweak two or three I have to add in. The second generation of Trex Enhance comes with a new, lighter, scalloped profile for easier handling and installation. Here’s my product review of Trex decking. As for me, I’m sticking with wood. Composite decking lasts longer, there’s no sanding or staining involved, and they’re much more durable. Trex Enhance Reviews Trex Enhance combines the durability of composite decking with the affordability of wood. If the article was to say there are a lot of cheap, garbage composites out there…I would agree. Please help! If you been a reader of my blog for any amount of time, you’re probably thinking “Oh now, here he goes again bemoaning another modern product.” Well, I want to tell you that that is not the case. Discover our Clam Shell monochromatic dark grey style with 25-year warranty. Trex Enhance® Basics Composite Decking. If I were building a deck today I would research all the available manufacturers and pick one that has positive consumer reviews and the color and finish most desired. $21.75. After encountering some problems with that company’s hidden fastener system, we again installed it using composite decking screws in a matching color.