Total Weight: 7.60 Ounces Blade Length: 4” Crafted with care from CPM 3V steel with a plain Scandi edge, this blade feels like a natural extension of your arm and hand. The point is extremely thin and sharp, allowing for that initial penetration and then the thicker section of the blade easily slides into whatever you’re stabbing, creating massive damage and an incredibly difficult wound to heal from. Blade Length: 6.00 Inches Blade Style: Modified Drop Point A final note here, the grip is a very simple black rubber grip that is surprisingly durable. For those who have a bit more to spend on an EDC knife and want something that will last a long time and keep up with ever-changing styles, The 940 Auto is the perfect knife. The drop-point has been around a very long time and although there are some slight variations in its design across brands, the idea is the same. The style of this knife definitely falls more into the “tactical tough” category, with several designs featuring skulls on the grip, and the classic finger grip for a more secure and safe hold. To pick the best knives to review, we had to test them all to make sure they were up to snuff. Regardless of your knife needs, you're sure to find a fine candidate in this list . Don’t get confused by the name. It can do both big jobs and small – the ergonomics of the knife make it feel compact and easy to use while completing all the jobs of a bigger knife. Here is a video review of the StrongArm Alone. Fixed Blade Knives $ 37.93. Blade Thickness: 0.158″ (4.01 mm) This can be remedied by filing down the areas that come in the most contact with your clothing. This knife has a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 56-58, which makes it about average hardness. The two that we’ll discuss here are the Gerber StrongArm and Gerber LMF II. Blade Steel: 1095 Cro-Van high-carbon steel 3 Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife – Best Fixed Blade Knife for Outdoors. Blade Style: Tanto This knife has a nice weightiness to it that feels good in the palm of the hand. This is a tactical knife, meaning its primarily meant to be functional and utilitarian. My Review: Truly a knife for knife connoisseur, this handcrafted blade from LT Wright can be used for just about anything with flawless results, including batoning wood, preparing food in the kitchen, skinning game, protecting yourself, camping applications, and much, much more. It doesn’t do you much good to have a knife that refuses to break or wear down when the edge can’t be finely resharpened. The Izula-II on paper is actually pretty disappointing but its performance is anything but! Note: The ESEE 6P has a 6.5 inch blade and is larger than the ESEE 4P found here which has 4.5 inch blade. If you see a model on our list that happens to be a small blade review, the same exact model may exist in a longer length. With a dark green handle and black clip, this knife is made for subtle and practical use. Is it quick to open if you’re in a pinch, or does it take a few seconds to fumble around with? 154CM is designed for heavy-duty industrial tools, so it shrugs off the typical work knives are put through. The Bowie is a long blade by design and can have several different tangs as well as many different handles. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. This steel is rugged, durable, and resists rust without issue. This makes it great for both heavy tasks and delicate tasks. The color options for the Cold Steel Recon 1 are limited: it comes in a few variations of black, green, tan, and steel. SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife – Instinct Boot Knife, 25. These are excellent knives to have with you while camping or backpacking and are in the off chance stuff hits the fan, this knife can be extremely lethal and useful in self-defense applications. This way, we tested durability, functionality, ease of carrying, practicality, and wear and tear on the knife. They are not usually designed strictly for use as a self-defense or combat weapon, although in a pinch, a knife is a knife, and as long as you “stick them with the pointy end,” you have a better chance of survival with a folding knife than with nothing at all. It was originally based in Naples, New York before being relocated to Frankville, New York. Overall Length: 9.15” (23.24cm) I really like the Scandi-grind on the blade’s edge, as this type of edge allows the blade to bite down on cutting surfaces and remains razor sharp. It weighs in at about 11 ounces, which is significantly weightier than the other knives we’ve featured. Blade Steel: 420 High Carbon Steel This knife is all about style and functionality. This blade’s hardness is rated as 59RC. Fallkniven is a company that doesn’t care about market share or maximizing revenue, instead, they focus on choosing a role and then creating a knife that fits that role the best. Tactical boots that comply with military standards give users... Get our latest reviews, guides, and deals to your inbox, © 2004-2020 • All Rights Reserved, Runner-Up Best Auto: Benchmade Osborne 9400, Dozens of options for a customizable appearance, 1.1% carbon (to improve corrosion resistance), 0.6% chromium (to increase edge retention), .06% molybdenum (to improve machinability), 0.025% phosphorous (to increase strength), 0.25% vanadium (to improve hardenability), 0.025% sulfur (to increase machinability), What you’ll primarily be using the knife for. No one wants to pull out a blade that cannot cut through the material in front of it. Blade Steel: AUS-8A T. When it does eventually wear down, this steel features improved sharpening ability to its other counterparts. This is a scale used to measure hardness called the Rockwell hardness scale. They aren’t going to be the kind of knife that you can use on all of your adventures, constantly abusing them, and then passing them down to your kids for further abuse. Blade Length: 4.2″ Why a Fixed Blade Knife? Edge Type: Plain Folding knives are generally designed to be tools that can be deployed to cut through something in your way, such as a packing strap, rope, tape, etc. The Spyderco Ark certainly isn’t a folding knife as it doesn’t fold so I can’t really say it’s the best of both worlds but I can say that using this knife feels a lot like having the best of those two worlds if that were possible. Weight: 6.20 oz. First, let’s discuss the StrongArm. This knife is modeled after its parent version, The Godfather, which is modeled after the old-school “stiletto” Italian knives. This knife is a mashup of functionality and style. You see, seasoned outdoorsman and survivalists all have one thing in common. Blade Style: Spear-Point 4 – Well-Balanced. We also used these knives in day-to-day functions to see how they held up during daily tasks. The RAK is a black powder-coated flat ground 1095 stainless steel blade with dark gray Micarta handle scales. You can learn more about the Rockwell Hardness scale at this link here. $29.99 #22. While its style is not as “classy and timeless” as a few of the others we’ve showcased here, it is a very functional, basic, utilitarian knife that will last you a long time with a great quality steel blade that won’t quit on you. Weight: 5.4 oz. Grind: Flat Single-edged blades are designed for a “slashing” type of motion when cutting, which means that they are still excellent for defense, but are all-around more utilitarian than double-edged blades, as they can take care of thick brush when clearing a path (think machete), can cut better at a diagonal angle, and can perform many different tasks in ways that double-edged designs simply are not designed for. Sure there are higher-end knives on this list that will be better for certain applications, but overall this knife shines in many areas and I don’t think anyone could possibly regret picking up this knife. Tanto blades are designed tactically, with maximum force being able to be applied at the tip, so there is definitely a plus-side to carrying this blade. Overall, if you’re looking for the best fixed blade knife under 50 dollars, this should be a top contender. Buck Knives aren’t generally at the very top of the spectrum in terms of technology and cutting edge materials but they do make knives in a traditionally solid manner where you have trust and respect for the brand. Blade Style: Drop Point Caution: the black coating may wear off after consistent heavy-duty work, but that will not affect this great knife’s performance. At 7.56″ long with a blade of 3.15″, it’s the perfect length for any sized hand. The variant pictured here is one of the most common designs, in terms of blade length, handle material, and tang. But somehow Morakniv manages to eke by with a budget blade that holds its own. While the brothers made several different designs of the blade pattern that eventually became today’s Bowie, the origin of the knife itself is surrounded in myth and conflicting stories, and as such, has become an odd part of American mythology. Because this knife has a thicker blade at .165″, it isn’t meant for fine, detailed work. No, they handle isn’t actually made of gator, but it is a rubberized nylon grip with a gator skin-like texture that is just as good in terms of performance as it is in style points. Overall Length: 6.90 Inches The handle is sleek and smooth and easily fits in a pocket or purse. This knife is actually a compact version modeled after its award-winning predecessor, the 0454 folder. For a price point of under $150, you can’t get much better than the Spyderco PM2. These full tang CPM-S30V blades are 4” brushed steel blades that are available in both drop-point or gut hook blade shapes. It’s not for those of you looking for the best of the best and it’s not exactly the most bang for your buck but it is a nice modern piece reminiscent of their earlier combat oriented knives. Weight: 3.20 Ounces. This is a black do-it-all kind of fixed blade that is ready to get things done and doesn’t care how it looks doing it. With the Instinct Boot Knife, SOG switches up the game quite a bit by offering a well-designed, full-tang EDC boot knife that you will enjoy each time you deploy. The smoothness of how a knife opens and closes can impact the feel and use of a knife. You may be wondering what this means for you. However, an S30V will have better edge retention and won’t dull as quickly. The handle is .43″ thick, making it easy to grip and hold for fine and gross movements. The blade consists of 30 folds of Damascus D2 steel (15% carbon) with a beautiful birch bark handle and hand made leather sheath. It’s made of strong steel, durable leather for the grip, and a quality leather sheath for protection against rust and wear. No matter how harsh the weather is, a good knife will always stay un-affected. Total Length: 9.50 Inches Cryogenically hardened steel is SOG’s proprietary process that hardens the material at the atomic level, Handle: High-impact nylon offers great grip with zero maintenance; a nearly indestructible material, Hardcased Black Titanium Nitride (Tini) Coating, Handle: High-impact nylon offers a great grip with zero maintenance; a nearly indestructible material, Molle-compatible Sheath: Ballistic nylon sheath with an extra pocket that you can wear on your belt or attach to packs and gear. Even after a month of consistent use, the blade remains sharp enough to slice through paper like butter. This is easily avoidable by filing down the handle. Best Budget Fixed Blade Typically, a price tag as low as $20 is a red flag and a marker of equally low quality. My Review: When I first saw this knife I really had no idea what they were going for. As with the previous titanium knives, consider the climate of where you’ll be using your knife the most: if it’s relatively cold, your handle will feel like ice in your hand. Because this steel is of a higher grade than other ones, it can be more difficult to sharpen because it requires more effort. On this page, our goal is to bring you common sense, practical advice regarding the best fixed-blade knives you can get for your money without having any preference for style of knife. Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. More Survivalist. The original had a manual deployment. Protech TR5 has upped the ease of use for this knife by adding automatic deploying action. Tanto: Tanto blades kill things. These knives can sustain long term abuse whether that comes in the form of preparing your next meal or use around the farm and can perform many of the same duties as the ever so versatile drop-point. at just over $100, you won’t go wrong with the SOG Seal Survival Knife if you are looking for a capable fixed-blade. We’ll cover blade shapes, blade materials, knife tangs, and more! Purchase: $70 Then, pressure and heat are used to compress the resin into the desired shape. My Review: This is one of the most unique knives I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. On the belly, the blade remains flat all the way through, but on the spine, the tip of the blade slopes downward harshly to the point. A narrow tang is usually considered to be inferior to a full-tang blade, and many budget fixed blade knives use narrow tang blades. Overall Length: 10.75″ 1095 cro-van has a higher composition of vanadium, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. These are pretty good for cutting in straight down motions as the tip won’t interfere or cause excess drag on none-cutting surfaces, however, there are many blades that perform this action and other actions as well and that’s why I don’t usually love this shape for fixed blade knives. Weight: 10.3 oz. Blade Steel: Carbon Stainless Steel My Review: You know those silly games you used to play where someone would ask you what item you would like to have if you were stranded on an unknown island? The SK-5 variant is cheap enough that you can simply abuse it and replace it when needed. This knife can deploy several ways: thumb opening, using two hands (via the Spydie Hole), or the Spydie Flick. In fact, it is such a broad category, it would be easy to write an entire book on the subject with ease. Overall Length: 9.8” The knife is equipped with a rubberized grip with a diamond coat texture that feels excellent in the hand and doesn’t slip even when soaking wet. I suggest every knife-lover have at least one quality Karambit in their collection. This is one of my favorite Benchmade knives of all time, and even at around $200, I consider this knife a great value. Stick Tang or Narrow Tang: A narrow-tang knife consists of a thin piece of steel that is secured to the handle often with a bolt or threaded pommel. With combinations as simple as a flat black with a black-coated blade, or as showy as a red skull handle with a skull inlay and a Damascus blade, or a rose gold blade with a flat black handle, there is Pro-Tech blade for anyone who wants one (and is willing to dish out the cash). This knife isn’t showy, but it’s strong. It will keep an edge and can be easily sharpened to bring it to the optimal sharpness. We feel these are the most important criteria when scoring the utility of a knife. Some of the options in the Godson family are made of Damascus steel. The knife is equipped with a full tang corrosion-resistant 154CM stainless-steel tanto-shaped blade as shown in the picture above or with a drop point blade that you can check out here. Instead, they build knives that get the job done and will continue to get the job done for many many many years ahead. You get a drop-point 1095 Cro-Van steel blade with a 20-degree edge angle at 5.5″ for less than a hundred bucks. Monday, December 7th: Best … Blade Style: Clip-Point with Sawback Spine The blade has a thickness of .165″ (which makes it thicker than the other knives featured here) and a width of 1.188″. Trailing-Point: This blade is a bit similar to the straight-back but instead of a straight-back it has a spine that curves slightly upward and brings the point up slightly with it. It’s not meant to be stylish or aesthetically pleasing – it’s meant to get a job done in the most efficient way possible, and that’s exactly what it does. The Bowie Knife: The Bowie is a classic knife type that is both fixed-blade and long. This knife is unquestionably the most affordable of all the options we’ve showcased here. While this function well as an EDC knife, its talents would be wasted on such casual usage. One of the most aggressive looking tactical knives featured, the MX-8055 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife measures 11-inches long, with a six-inch, 5mm wide blade with one role in mind; fighting. If you need something for hard utility purposes and you really like Gerber, check out our reviews in this guide for the Strongarm as I believe it is a bit more versatile, albeit heavier and larger, than the Ghoststrike. The Selkirk is deceiving in its simplistic nature but for that reason, it’s an excellent everyday use kind of knife and should provide utility to anyone that grabs one! This video is a focus on the design of the knife. Blade Length: 4.5″ Its design is beautiful yet simple and it feels great in your hand, with a perfect balance between a sturdy, thick blade and a lightweight handle. Blade Steel: Spring Steel (Phosphate Treated) Looking through purchases and reviews by others who have bought this knife, you’ll be hard-pressed to find negative reviews, with most people saying it is an excellent blade and many actually using the word “perfect” to describe it. Its design is classy and timeless; it’s totally practical as an EDC knife and is considered the best fighting knife by many. The Nimravus comes in either a drop point blade or a tanto. My Review: Gerber makes a number of fixed blade knives that you’ll see being carried by members of the US military. Overall Length: 9.85″ We already talked about the importance of corrosion resistance above, but I wanted to cover it a bit more in-depth here. Overall Length: 11.75″ Blade Steel: 1095 Cro-Van It is best known for supplying military knives. My Review: Ontario designs and manufactures some well-respected knives, including the SP3 issued to Navy Seals so it’s no surprise that this is an incredible knife for the price. Then we have that weird abnormally large saw tooth thing going on the spine of the blade. The blade style is a drop point blade, meaning that the blade slopes on the spine, going from the handle to the tip. This knife comes in 31 grip color and blade combinations from a basic flat black to an American Flag grip with a Damascus blade (which obviously falls under the pricier end of this style). In this case, they set out to create a highly versatile and ultra-durable fixed blade that can be used for pretty much every use case that would merit a medium length fixed blade knife. Save for a few of the pricier, more “fashionable” models, this knife is generally affordable. Overall Length: 9.45″ Florida. As always, it’s your responsibility to ensure something like this is legal where you live and if it isn’t, it might arrive with only one side sharpened. The knife is actually extremely useful and hosts numerous different ways to utilize and implement it’s multiple tools. Keep in mind that carbon steel, which is amazing in terms of keeping a sharp edge, can rust if not properly cared for, unlike stainless, which stands up to corrosion better. Morakniv really paid attention to detail when crafting this survival and bushcraft-focused blade. My Review: The Gerber Ghoststrike isn’t something that will do it all in one but it is a really cool fixed blade that’s light, easy to conceal, and easy to carry with you when a full size fixed blade is too cumbersome or just not viable.