But those feelings start to change in Everblaze. Remember what Keefe said about the head and the heart? Sophie felt her smile fade, and Keefe saw it. "I need to do homework. Hypothetically, which one is better for suspense? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Keefe just gets feeling and girls got feelings! Sokeefe is destiny. As she's searching for part of him, she sees a gold memory, and realizes just how much he cared about her, and how hard it must have been for him when Sophie and Fitz were kinda-dating. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Either this is a VERY strange and inaccurate choice of words from an experienced author--especially since that quote was meant to be the big "boom!" Then while searching through his memories, she finds a gold memory (the ones that Keefe doesn't want her to see) and she finally realizes how much Keefe cares about her. Well beauty isn't that important, the elves are all attractive anyways, the more important thing is the person's personality. He doesn’t have a special ability when Sophie meets him, but she can tell he’s incredibly talented—especially at alchemy—despite the fact that many people unfairly underestimate both him and his family. It's clear Fitz likes Lihn. "Fine," she said. You have to make it Sokeefe. Also, Fitz shuts everyone except for immediate family out when something happens, even Sophie, and I know, he apologizes profusely afterwards with gifts and everything...but Fitz can't control himself when he's mad. Keefe wouldn't care if he was with someone unmatchable. Shannon did not have to let Keefe feel her heart emotions. Personally, I’m team Foster-Keefe because I think Sophie and Keefe have a better relationship (just generally, not romantic or anything) Keefe gives her emotional support, makes her feel better and calm, understands her to a point where she barely has to say anything for him to understand. But something like. Also the fact that he is too a Telepath and because of Alden. I'm in love with lots of ships in general. It's the "Heart and Head" theory. Reminder: This was still when they didnt know if they were good or bad. At the end of Lodestar, it becomes clearer then ever when he interrupts the moment Fitz and Sophie are about to kiss. But they will fight, and that will affect their powers as cognates as well as their relationship. Sophie comes out wearing a red dress that compliments her eyes and catches both Keefe and Fitz staring at her. Keefe doesn't blame others, for example in "Everblaze" he discovers that his mom is with the Neverseen and doesn't blame anyone, but if it was Fitz NO OFFFENSE AGAIN he would have blamed it on his dad or Sophie or someone other than himself. Sokeefe, though, even after Keefe unknowingly put Sophie in danger numerous times,and even betrayed them, she didn't stop trusting him. Who does Keefe have? Heck, she doesn't even have to choose. "Keeeefe," she groaned. Also wedding pictures. No one. (a series of semi-related one-shots. 1. Shannon did not have to make enhancing empaths reveal heart emotions. They both help each other to be better people, and kind of even each other out. And Keefe has some serious crushes on Sophie. I think because Sophie is a little tense, Keefe is the right person to cheer her up with his humor. He stayed with her. In " Neverseen", whenever Sophie needs somebody to lean on, Keefe would be there for her, and whenever Keefe is sad or about to shatter from his mom, he knows that he can lean on Sophie. "I'm flattered," Keefe muttered. Keefoster happens in book seven and they stay a happy couple through the rest of the books. She doesn't know how to tell Fitz about the match, because obviously he's too wrapped up in his awesomeness to notice anything about Sophie, so--SHOCKER--she doesn't tell him at all. Brown is cool.". I think Sophie and Keefe will end up together. (Pg. I think that Keefe would be better than Fitz for Sophie because Fitz has been angry with Sophie over tiny tiny things and blames everything on Sophie even when he knows it's not her fault. If the book is reprinted as the countess has grown in popularity it would be lovely to see some colour photographs as they were all black and white. "And...". She can’t just pick one over the other and let the other guy be like “never mind I don’t like her anymore”. Keefe seemed to understand, though, and squeezed her hand in his. Between the anger issues and the hesitancy, Sophie realizes she deserves better than Fitz--but tries very hard to break up with with Fitz without hurting him. 1. He got so mad at her that time in Exile. He has his family and friends. (Non-Plural.) I would love to work with you, so shoot me a message today! He would literally give up anything, any social standing, just for her and to make her happy. Obviously there's the whole head vs. heart thing, but I won't go very far into that, except to say: Why would Shannon Messenger put something like that in her series, mention it many times, and then never do anything with it, have it mean anything, or have it never amount to anything? He finds the caches and during a battle, appears and gives the caches to the Black Swan, but Lady Gisela or someone hits him with a truly lethal sopordine dose. He pressed a light kiss against her cheekbone and Sophie withdrew with a giggle. Shannon needed to do this to us. She ends up feeling bad, but then when Fitz has a whole formal apology, she ‘feels better’ but it takes soooo long for her to get over it. I also think that Sophitz is not a very deep relationship and doesn't seem well crafted. She starts hanging out with Keefe more, because Dex is gone with Tinker, and they get to be really close friends--nothing more, because Keefe is keeping to his promise about only doing what she wanted. Wylie ... Keefe 2 What does Biana look like? Shannon did not have to tell us what Lord Cassius's theory was. That was a HUGE hint as to what will happen with the romantic sub-plot. He truly thought that being a double agent would help, not the Black Swan, but Sophie. Biana: Nope I gave up on him (YASSSSSS QUEEN) Biana: KC Truth or dare. I think Sophie now likes Keefe and Fitz equally after Nightfall. ", "I finished it already," he murmured into her shoulder. Maybe they fight over the matchmaking, or Alvar, or something to do with Keefe. Who's most interesting? It would also resolve part of the plot that doesn’t need to be resolved now. If you fell someone you’re “giving them what they need, not what they want” that usually implies that they’re not going to like it but it’ll help them in the long run. It’s kind of annoying. Prior to coming late to meet Sophie due to Keefe fixing his hair, Keefe excuses it by saying he needed to look good for the ladies, (meaning Sophie) causing her to blush. Nobody dies! The two of them used to be so close. Saved by Tamera Fairfield. People say that he didn't pressure her into matchmaking, but he did, if unknowingly. Sorry for grammer mistakes. Are Fitzphies thinking?!! But at the same time, Fitz is hesitant about dating Sophie if it means constant scorn. He puts a lot of pressure on Sophie and often doesn’t realize it. Keefe asked, dangling the device between his two fingers. 1. "You're so weird," Sophie whined as he laughed. In Nightfall, there are plenty of moments like that. Keefe is the complete opposite of Fitz, he is always happy and positive, very funny( he can make any situation become better with his humor). Also, I think Sophie and Keefe understand each other more that Fitz and Sophie understand each other, even though they may be Cognates. Keefe? Heck, Ro's main thing is commenting on how cute the two of them are. Maybe his sanity finally shatters from grief, and Sophie goes nuts trying to bring him back. #sokeefe Shannon did not even have to make heart emotions. Later, when they're fighting, she leans a lot closer to him. If Fitz hadn't said that? They honestly just have a really deep, meaningful, complex and interesting relationship. He squeaked when she squished his face harder and quickly pecked him on the lips. Anyway, I'm off on a history tangent. Something has to happen. I ship Sokeefe. Keefe flashed his famous smirk and patted his carefully mussed blond hair, but Sophie could see the sadness clouding his sky blue eyes. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive … Also, I think that Team Foster-Keefe would be better because Keefe needs Sophie, and Sophie needs Keefe. "You know you love my hair," Keefe teased. Might as well be Sodex then Sophitz (Even though it can't be Sodex). Biana: I dare u to kiss Keefe. Another thing, Fitz kinda uses “Cognates” as an excuse for pretty much everything. They're much more natural. Anyway, this is all the shipping stuff that happens for the rest of the book. Sophie does get jealous of other girls being with Keefe. Sophie's feelings for Fitz initially started based on his looks, and I think that's what persuaded her to spend more time with him. Sorry if I offended you. It will be told from both Sophie's and Keefe's perspectives. The thing Dex fixed for you?" It was like he wasn’t trying to convince her, but more himself. BTW, I took a long time writing this so I had to write it on something else. It hurt Sophie. Fitz told her to hold his hand while they light leaped and Sophie's heart fluttered. They didn't tell anyone things had changed, and weren't planning on it until she had registered. Sophie yelped. -» Books quizzes-» Keeper of the Lost Cities. Sophie has 2 jobs listed on their profile. "Not now." It's one of the purest ships (That I believe will be canon, but I still believe in you Fitz!) ", Sophie subconsciously leaned back into his comforting presence. He can be selfish and always just wants his way. Now secondly- she can’t just PICK a ship. Fitz on the other hand, (I’m not trying to bash on his character) but Sophie only talks about his looks. View Sophie O'Keefe’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. ), #keefesencen Biana Vacker may seem like the Princess of Foxfire Academy—but don’t let the perfect hair and fashionable dresses fool you. She asks if she'll ever se… AND the last two books wouldn’t feel the same. Then Silveny starts chanting KISS! True. ", She made a half-heart attempt to push him off, but gave up and let Keefe slump back over her. I’m sneaky like that.”). "Anything else? When Sophie, in all her desperation and frustration, reaches out for him, he's going to do all it takes to ensure that she'll be fine. Nov 14, 2018 - Explore Sokeefe_lover's board "keefe and sophie" on Pinterest. I respect Shannon all the more for it. Book 7: Sophie and Fitz get together, but Sophie is with Keefe very often, which Fitz is not happy about.He also admits that he likes Sophie in the short story again. I just think that Sokeefe would match the ideals this book was created with. My reasoning is that it makes her much more likely to end up with Keefe. She could feel the heat rising on her face when she gently pressed their joined hands against his chest. at the end of the short story and that's the part that an author would work hardest to get right--and ALSO a coincidence that Keefe said he felt purer emotions from Sophie when she enhanced him AND THEN GRINNED ABOUT IT--especially since he was obviously worried about Sophitz being a thing (remember the Sophitz "moment that happened only a hundred or so pages prior to Lumenaria?). "Thanks for the ego boost," he said, grinning widely as Sophie groaned, and leaned in for another kiss. We already know Keefe likes her. Only Sophie has kept Keefe from doing really stupid things. That Keefe gives her room to mend, is such a Keefe thing to do. Keefe every time. It's funny watching her try to eat your hair.". It's obviously very important to him. Nightfall had a ton of helpful hints as to which way the ships would sail (Team Foster Keefe is going to win). She trusts him. On with the plot. Yeah, that's right! "Exactly. Keefe's face turned red, as if he hadn't expected her to answer his question. So I think Keefe and Sophie just balance each other out, and bring out the good in each other. "I said don't break it, Keefe," Sophie repeated, and turned her attention back to her homework. Shannon did not have to add "Until she was ready for more" or "I'll wear her down someday" or "Team Foster-Keefe is going to win". Based on things in the book that are not coincedence. Jun 30, 2017. puppylovergirluniverse liked this . He’s a good character and all, but I just don’t think that Sophitz is a very healthy relationship if one side keeps getting mad at the other, makes the other feel bad, and doesn’t realize it until one Keefe says something. View the profiles of professionals named "Sophie O'keefe" on LinkedIn. Feel free to add your own arguments to this page! Without warning, she squeezed his face between her hands. Not "If she was ready for more," not "In case she decided one day that she was ready for more," but "UNTIL she was ready for more.". During their confrontation with the Neverseen, Keefe had discovered that his mother was one of their leaders. Now, class, I want you to all remember that Fitz's competion is LORD HUNKYHAIR. This is really important in a relationship that's going to work. Can't you see Fitz awkwardly saying they should wait to date until the matchmaking thing gets resolved, pretending it will all be fixed soon, and hurting Sophie's feelings badly, possibly even stopping their romantic relationship in its' tracks? The only reason that Sophie likes Fitz is because he is hansome. Yes, the Council made a facility for testing humans--but blotted it out from their memories to take away the guilt. If she was to crush a ship and choose for certain now, she would loose the entire fan base that is centered around ships (either Fitzphie or Keefoster). Sophie doesn't want Fitz to leave and her knees shake. A ship that both parties can break up with each other and forget is not a ship I can get behind. Edit. 45) 2. Cliffhanger:  I'm not completely sure. It has been so interesting to watch their relationship develop until they were very close and shared a deep connection. Sophitz had to happen eventually. Keefe. You may have heard that the new Keeper of the Lost Cities is coming out November, 2020. In this Test you will find out which Keeper of the Lost Cities character you are. I remember reading this in Neverseen page 505 after Fitz said he's been in Keefe's situation: "Have you? But get so mad that they made the other cry and doubt themselves so much (I'm misquoting it, haven't read Exile since, what, two years? He often takes out his anger on her and shuts her out. Unless she suddenly erases all feelings of Sophie from Keefe’s mind, which would be unnatural and awful writing especially when you consider how she built up to it with the “until she was ready for more”, then it’s kind of inevitable that Fitzphie will break up. Sandor and... you got it. Maybe he loses his memories like Alvar. Not because of his ability, but because of who he is. Sophitz can't last for long. Sure, maybe for the first 2 books Sophie didn't really like Keefe. He needed to get her another lead to help track down the Neverseen. I'd dance with Sophie!" Sure, maybe for the first 2 books Sophie didn't really like Keefe. He waits for her. That's why he wouldn't tell her what the emotions he felt in her heart were. My Sokeefe Poetry Edit. Since this book was written she has proved to be a wonderful support to Prince Edward. The destiny has already been set out by Shannon Messenger. she isn't fooling herself with pretend love. Don't break it.". Would you rather dance with the master troublemaker himself, aka me, or would you rather dance with Fitz?" I firmly believe that seven books of developing a very complex, rich, interesting, and deep relationship won't come to nothing. Keefe let out an mmph in protest. ), Quote from argument-  "Well, actually having "no" argument as you said is much better than having a faulty one." They get the caches, and Linh goes Scarlet Witch on the Neverseen (I don't know, sucks all the moisture out of five people/other sentient species' bodies and uses the water to drown five more people or something. See more ideas about Lost city, The best series ever, The fosters. In book 2, she trusted him to go to the Black Swan. Keeper Of The Lost Cities Fan Club. I think Shannon is smarter than we give her credit for and understands that. Sophie doesn't know why she gets jealous because she doesn't know her heart emotions. But no,he took her to Elwin. Any plot or relationship holes? And in Neverseen, Sophie and Keefe grow even closer. Key word here is crush. "Keefe!" Keefe. Fitz says something like, “Have I ever let you down?” and Sophie’s thoughts are like, “He had actually. (Pg.19) 2. The readers WANT more of their ship; they NEED a good resolution. Thats a ship I can ship with all my heart. "Not nearly as cool as ice blue," Sophie admitted. Keefe always knows when she needs calming down, and sends her mental breezes. Add new page Sophie and Keefe. I made several predictions as to what would have to happen with the ships. If there’s a love triangle, and a couple gets together two books before the end, and the other guy still likes her, that couple is not going to stay together!!! And the one side only talks about his aesthetics. Who's actions further the main plot? Sophie: Keefe, YOU don't even know what you're saying. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sophie’s connections and jobs at similar companies. (Not to mention “I will wear her down someday. That was the Forgotten Secret. Why does it just keep spiraling and spiraling and spiraling?" And she's the only one who's seen the other side of him, the broken one. That is what she is calling it. Please? Does Fitz need Sophie? Not like when Keefe tried to be a spy, but like to … KISS! Keefe was fortunate enough to be part of the group of people directly supporting her, but there's not much that he can do, especially after all that he has done. Your memories are more spread out, He added. I mean, this is my not-so-humble opinion. I think that Fitz might join the Neverseen out of anger that Sophie doesn't love him for REAL. Remember guys, "Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better. He listens only to her. You can’t continue with a couple in a series along with an unresolved love triangle. Hours. #kotlc Keefe needs Sophie. ". She questions it, … Sophie is starting to like Keefe. I think she understands what Shannon is doing. I honestly love this ship. He doesn’t seem to fully trust anyone else but her. Sophie also leans on Keefe quite a bit, and he almost always succeeds in comforting her, making her feel better, and helping her solve problems. He wouldn't care because he loves to make trouble, and of course is a trouble maker, he also wouldn't care because he doesn't care about what others think of him but Fitz would. When Sophie's around Fitz, she's a little too self-conscious. Keefe doesn't care about any of this! And what should scare you guys is we have them, and you don't. Only then will she realize who she truly has feelings for. And most of the stupid things he's done are for Sophie. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. When Fitz isn't happy, he likes to blame people, he also doesn't like to take responsipility of his own mistakes. Yes, her family is kinda famous, and most people think she’s the prettiest girl in school, but beneath all the makeup and perfectly coordinated accessories is … As I said, I haven't read Exile in a while). Keefe is going to need all the help he can get, and you better believe him and Sophie will be scheming rescue missions together. If Fitzphie is endgame, there should be signs. "Your eyes," she murmured, blushing, as her thumbs skimmed across his freckled cheeks. It’s like what her editor, a self proclaimed sokeefe fan, said about the Fitzphie hug scene on Twitter- “sometimes being an editor mean sacrificing for the reader’s needs (emphasis on *needs*), like edit notes for @SW_Messenger re: Fitzphie hug scene #teamkeefe”. What this is basically implying is that he knows that one day she WILL be ready for more--Keefe is an Empath. Nothing more than that happens because Keefe had already decided to take it slow. It will be Fitz and Linh, Sophie and Keefe, and Dex and Biana. your own Pins on Pinterest Sophie carries Keefe to Elwin and is they're at the healing center Dex, Keefe, and Tam don’t die (thank god they don't). But I think needs implies and supports my theory. That's why I vote Keefe over Fitz. He said that he probably wouldn't want to be with someone unless they were on his match list. NO OFFENSE TO FITZ LOVERS. Fitz wanted Sophie to register for the match because he was scared of them being scorned. Plus, in Flashback I think it was? He's shattered. ", Sophie hesitated, biting her lip for a second, before bringing their joined hands up to her face and gently brushed her lips against Keefe's knuckles. 2. Either way, Keefe has no reason to react negatively, while Fitz is much more likely to react negatively than even neutrally, and his reaction would likely hurt her feelings. That wasn't just thrown in there for fun. Because I seem to remember you having a bummer few weeks and then everything went back to perfect Vack er-land. Their relationship is so beautiful in that way. he added, grinning. And she has a plan. Why do we ship Keefe and Sophie? But every great relationship needs to be messy. Basically, she’s let fitz develop a crush on Sophie, and Sophie on fitz. He's picked up a lot of emotions from Sophie before even she realized she was having them--and this isn't even when she's enhancing him. Sophie doesn't just like Keefe for shallow reasons. Fitz is always too proud. Fitz has too many anger issues and get mad at Sophie very easily, even just for having an opinion. At Alden’s funeral. I think that Fitz might be a little to serious, and Keefe and Sophie are cute together :). Sophie exclaimed, feeling her cheeks heat up. He would've, no, he had gone through hell and back *cough* *cough* Neverseen, offence intended, for her. I think that Sophie and Keefe should go together because (SPOILER ALERT) after " Flashback", we learn that Sophie is unmatchable. And I get a "legacy" No one cares about me "It's just further proof that all the ladies love my hair," he said. There is a reason why I said Argument. She can’t just poof those crushes away without seeming unnatural. He got everything Family Fame Her. He’s willing to “take off bits of his mask” to show her his real character. (I think I repeated myself multiple times lol), Not reread or edited, and I still got more to say. Not SWM's. Sophitz? "What else do you love about me?". Sophie grinned. He'd probably even like it - another way to shock and horrify his father, wheras Fitz would be terrified of making his family's repuation even worse. Shannon is simply showing us why Sophitz won't work out, and then showing us that there is a much better alternative. Think about it. All through book 3, who knew about the notes? Sophie O'Keefe is on Facebook. His heart pulsed beneath her touch. As I said before NO OFFENSE AGAIN I think that Keefes personality is better than Fitz, so I think that Keefe is a better fit for Sophie than Fitz. He's convinced he's found the REAL caches, because as the new Shade they'll have to tell him stuff, like how to access the caches (which probably has to do with something like shadow-conjuring or something, and they might not trust him at first, but he probably is willing to "prove" himself--he's a lot more darkish and willing to do that than Keefe. "Your emotions reek of stress and it's making me stressed. I'm actually very happy about the whole matchmaking thing at the end of flashback. Fitzphie happens and they stay a happy couple through the rest of the books, Nothing happens to end any ships, but the triangle continues for two books and suddenly in the last book a ship happens out of the blue and one ship just randomly fades, Fitzphie happens, Keefe is heartbroken but remains her constant friend, Fitzphie continues, Keefe suffers, Fitzphie ends, Sophie realizes he was there all along and feels awful and then they live happily ever after, and Keefe knows she’ll only choose him from then on bc Fitzphie had its sail and sunk. lot of the same experiences, which makes them compatible. ", "What you need is a break," he replied, snuggling his face into the crook of her neck. she hissed, nearly jumping out of her skin when his head dropped on her shoulder. "Just kidding! keeper of the lost cities incorrectkotlcquotes kotlc sokeefe sophie foster keefe sencen sophie keefe everyonelovesella ellatheblueelephant. See what sophie keefe (sophievkeefe) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. “I’d have a way better chance of finding what you’re … All that talk about ‘not wanting to be a bad match’ and he was adamant about Sophie not being a bad match. And if Fitz is mean about it, Keefe will definitely be there for her, possibly even tell Fitz off if he pushes her away for it. She then convinces him to do otherwise, and this is the same vice-versa. He comes back, and, between her getting to know him better from the "epic Fitzphie fail" and how easy it was to inflict love to him, and the gold memory, she is REALLY grateful that he's back. She starts spending time with him because they have a mutual problem and want to fix it together...not because she thinks he's 'cute.' At least they have a Cognate connection and everything, but she doesn’t talk about much else about him. Now, let's all be honest--Keefe plays a bigger role in the series than Fitz. 1 Who does Sophie kiss? Think about it from a writing standpoint. Their relationship is already having problems, as seen in Flashback. Really scared. Plus, Sophitz has only been through one major hurdle, that was Exile, and it didn't go so well. "Hmm," Sophie hummed, "maybe I do... and maybe I think you need a haircut." No. And if she dates Fitz, then something happens and they both see why it doesn’t work, and then she isn’t blinded by him and sees that Keefe has been there all along, now THAT will be a satisfying ending. Check out our sophie and keefe selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. But Keefe knew Sophie had to be panicking. “Sophie stomach growled, and she gave herself three seconds to imagine it-to picture what it would be like to creep through the shimmering halls when they were empty and quiet and dark and see all the hidden places Keefe had discovered. "Rude," Keefe scoffed. In which Sophie takes Keefe on a magic carp - I mean Alicorn ride above the Forbidden Cities and they share a romantic moment. Sophie: KC do what u want I hate him anyways. She has to let the ship sail and show us why it won’t work. A lot. So theres this part in Flashback that i was rereading and something caught my eye its the telapthic concvo while they are in keefes head. Anyone who remembers Exile should remember the Team Foster-Keefe with the Goblin mascot. "Oh," he replied. He let out a huff, unsettling his bangs over his forehead. Keefe asked, dangling the device between his two fingers. Just letting Fitzphie happen would be the WANTS of the readers. Keeper Of The Lost ... taken - 17 people like it How well do you know the Keepers Of The Lost Cities Characters! By Panakes pancakes Don't delete this yet! It almost breaks their connection. Two more books. KC: Dare. "Do you want to get something to eat?". Only Sophie has kept Keefe from doing really stupid things. from the first to the last and all the ones in between. Sophie and Fitz have a fight. They'll have already learned about what happened with the match, and they'll be talking it over with her, or talking about something else so that Sophie doesn't have to bring that up (They know her super well--they'll know which she'll prefer).