Australia – Mental health in Australia was historically seen as an individual having ‘’bad blood’’, being possessed, or having a weakened disposition rather than an actual medical condition. Maintains current knowledge of medication policies and practices, including side effects, dosage and patient response, Analyzes and validates data taken from interview of patient and/or family for common relationships, revises assessments based on patient behaviors and conceptual view of individuals, Assesses the competencies of personnel assigned to a specific patient group, Highly competitive compensation with an hourly rate at $38.00/hr, Flexible work schedules that fit into your lifestyle needs, Educate patients and caregivers while anticipating needs and readiness to learn, about their plan of care, transition of care, promotion of health, and prevention of disease, Implement process improvement strategies based on institutional, evidence-based ensure and procedures, Establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with the patient and family, Interpret and apply policy and guidelines, Recognize, report, and record changes in patients physical and emotional conditions, Organizes and leads individual and group social and recreational activities and opportunities to practice social skills, Performs charge RN responsibilities competently and effectively, Organize and lead individual and group social and recreational activities and opportunities to practice social skills, Working experience in an Emergency setting, Performs ongoing assessment of activities of daily living (ADLs) and provides problem solving, skill training and supervision to assist clients with ADLs, Perform ongoing assessment of activities of daily living (ADLs) and provide problem solving, skill training and supervision to assist clients with ADLs, Experience communicating with and providing nursing services to patients, Experience applying professional nursing concepts, principles, practices and nursing standards, Previous Nursing experience within an Adult Inpatient Psychiatric setting, Previous experience in a Mental Health / Psychiatric Nursing setting, Experience working within a Psychiatric setting, Experience dealing with Psychiatric Care for adults, Previous experience in an Acute Care, Behavioral, Inpatient, and/or Mental Health setting, Experience working with the Mental Health / Psychiatric / Behavioral Health population, Psychiatric experience in a Hospital setting, Experience working with the mental health, psychiatry and/or behavioral health populations, Previous experience working with the Psychiatric and/or Behavioral Health population, 6 months of psychiatric nursing experience, Previous experience working on an Inpatient floor, Experience working with the psychiatry, mental health, and/or behavioral health population, Experience working with EPIC Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Experience in a Psychiatric role / setting, Experience working with the Behavioral Health population, Experience working with the Chemically Dependent and/or Detox population, Work experience within a Psychiatric setting, Experience in the care and treatment of complex mental health/behavior health patients in an outpatient setting, Previous experience in a Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Course, Previous Behavioral Health / Psychiatric experience, Previous experience with Medical and Psychiatric Emergency procedures, Current psychiatric / chemical dependency experience, Psychiatry and medical-surgical experience, Previous Medical-Surgical and/or Telemetry experience, In-Patient Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry and substance abuse experience, Experience with children and adolescents with mental health issues, Recent acute care experience within the last 1 1/2 years, Previous experience with Children and Adolescents with Mental Health issues, Recent inpatient, outpatient, or home care psychiatric experience, Work independently and able to make highly competent professional judgments and decisions, solid clinical acumen, and provide support to physicians, Experience in psychosocial and case management services with individuals with a serious mental illness; and/or, Community or inpatient psychiatric experience, Gain experience from multiple hospitals and clinics throughout the UPMC system, Preparing, administering, and documenting prescribed medications / treatments as per facility policy and procedure, Performing venipuncture and collecting specimens as per policy, Providing health education groups and individual patient / family teaching, as needed, Working knowledge of Medical and Psychological terminology, Working knowledge of Social, psychological, and Physical factors of Mental and Emotional disorders, Making appropriate referrals to community physicians for further assessment and treatment, Physician stamina for frequent walking, standing, listening and positioning, Evidence of experience sufficient for successful performance of essential functions.