If you choose a registered/personalized card, you can get a replacement card in case you lose it. You can use Pasmo/Suica in other parts of Japan as well It's true each transit agency issue their own branded card and they are pretty much all inter-operable. Cependant, elles fonctionnent de la même façon et peuvent s'utiliser dans les mêmes endroits. Your email address will not be published. Pasmo and Suica cards can be recharged or reloaded at all JR and non-JR stations. Maihama train station patio line to tokyo train station? Zoom in to see updated info. While there's undoubted convenience in a Suica or Pasmo card, especially when used outside of public transport, if you're only interested in getting from A to B and will be heading further afield than Tokyo it can be better value to buy a Japan Rail Pass. If you are travelling by train using either a Pasmo or a Suica card, you can avail of fare rates that are a few yen cheaper than a single ticket. The PASMO card, which is issued by Tokyo Metro, can be used to store day-passes. Pasmo vs. Suica – A Summary. Please click here for more information on how to buy the Suica Card Online. SuicaとPASMOを比較し、相違点などについて確認しましょう。 SuicaとPASMO、どちらが優れていると結論付けることはありません。あなたのライフスタイルに合ったカードを選ぶのが一番です。 iPhoneで使いたいならSuica ※2020年8月5日以前の情報です。 So, as soon as you get to Japan, just get whichever card is available for sale at the ticket office or ticket vending machine you find first. And as stated in the previous answer, yes, these are excellent payment methods at restaurants, convenient stores, etc., in lieu of credit and debit cards, which are rather not widely used in Japan. What makes one better than the other? What would be the best option? Suica、PASMOともに、モバイル対応をしています。 おサイフケータイ対応のスマホに、アプリをインストールしたり、カード情報を登録したりすると、スマホをかざして、改札機を通れたり、買い物ができたりします。 SuicaとPASMOは交通系ICカード全国相互利用サービスに対応しているので、ほかのエリアでも乗車カードや電子マネーとして使えます。 ただし、モバイルPASMOはサービス開始当初は、おサイフケータイ対応のAndroidスマホにしか対応しません。 モバイルSuicaは、おサイフケータイ対 … Buy either! In Tokyo, you can get either a Pasmo or a Suica card to make your commutes easier and more convenient. Having a Suica card or a Pasmo card is essential during a trip to Japan! For most purposes, Pasma and Suica are interchangeable. Suica and PASMO, Suica is better than which nationally which name recognition is high. As for the "ultimate pass" that covers both Tokyo Metro and Toei, the only way to go would be a 24-, 48-, or 72-hour Tokyo Subway pass, sold only to out-of-town visitors and foreigners, at places like Narita Airport (ask the Keisei counter for one in conjunction with a Skyliner ticket). I think you meant Keiyō Line. For more info, check out our Pasmo article. In 2007, Suica bought the right to use its card on all Pasmo routes, so it's best to buy a Suica card because it works on both. There is no more need to wait in line, while the tourists in front of you are taking a bit of time trying to figure out the fare table or the ticket machines. A lot of convenience stores all over Japan accept Pasmo or Suica cards as payment for purchases. SuicaとPASMOはそもそも発行会社が違います。 Suicaは、JR東日本が発行するカード。PASMOは東京メトロを始めとする鉄道事業11社と、バス事業19社が発行しているカードです。 Going to Japan for the first time? Five hundred yen is included as a deposit. What if, while already in transit, you suddenly change your mind and decide to get off at a stop five stations away from your original destination? You need to choose 'Blank' card, not 'Personalized.' They are valid on many JR and non-JR trains in Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and several other cities outside of Tokyo. You can buy them at your nearest train/subway station. Truth be told, I was a little worried about having to go through this overly complicated process to get one. It takes,on average, about 3 single journeys on the metro to make the pass worth it, or more if you buy the combined Toei/Metro pass. Approved as a Telecommunications Provider by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan (Notification: C2016341), FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING | FREE AIRPORT COLLECTION | MAJORITY OF PROFITS GO TO CHARITY. Starting with the basics, ICOCA, PASMO and Suica are all IC cards. Get quick answers from Tokyo Metro staff and past visitors. You can use the Suica or Pasmo card to buy goods at the convenient stores (Konbini), at vending machines or at the super market. I don't really understand why people bother much about this issue. You can get these cards from ticket vending machine at a station. You can use Icoca/Pasmo/Suica in other parts of Japan as well. Someone else posted something about an ultimate pass. I went to a machine, purchased a PASMO card, … If your remaining balance is less than 220 yen, you will not be charged with the fee. This is the official PASMO PASSPORT website. The Suica card is already loaded and ready to use. That's a JR line that service between Maihama Station and Tōkyō Station. A SUICA must be returned to a JR East station, and a PASMO must be returned to a subway or private rail station in Tokyo. You don’t need to worry about buying more tickets. So Rather than having to deal with the paper ticket, you can just tap in and out with the convinience of an IC card, but with the affordability of a day-pass.