Synopsis:Twenty-six years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. Supernatural stands as one of The CW’s most beloved series, and the long-running show will celebrate a major milestone with fans soon. Directed by Amyn Kaderali. Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado. Tony & Jenny discuss real ghost stories halloween night 2018. In keeping, 2018’s “Halloween” episode is a bit of a mixed bag. Upon arriving, they discover a whole clan of bickering WASPs and bitter servants, and a whole hamper of dirty laundry being aired. Please try again later. “Fallen Idols” is a twisty little thing – when murders in a certain town appear to be committed by the ghosts of a variety of famous people, the correlation between killer and victim seems to be one of fannishness – all the vics had been superfans of the person who took them out. Check out the full schedule list here! The villain in question is "The Hatchet Man" — or, in this case, a possessed, life-size version of the baddie — who has an ax to grind with a klepto clerk at a collectibles shop. You may remember this episode for its dozens of vintage porcelain dolls with their glassy thousand-yard stares, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Great, creepy dolls AND phantom children. ET to 8 p.m. The second episode of season three, Dean and Sam go to Indiana and discover that the town's children … Thanks to Eve meddling with monsterdom, the gang – Sam, Dean, Bobby and Rufus, plus the boys’ relatives Samuel and Gwen Campbell, find themselves facing off against a brand-new evil parasite that they dub the “Khan Worm,” as it reminds them of the creature weaponized by the antagonist of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I think we at least need a Halloween episode next year so we can see which of the matching costumes they’ll pick to wear. Both teams discover that the monster is a soul eater, an undead being which hordes souls to feed off in a nest that it creates on a plane outside of time and space. Original Airdate 11/1/2018. NOW! It is especially rare to see a Halloween-centered episode of Supernatural because, as Dean says in the episode, “every day is Halloween for us”, so it was definitely an interesting change. Sam and Dean must stop Rowena, who is on a deadly mission. Samhain is one of the oldest demons in existence. The worm enters a host through the ear (so gross) and is able to take control and access memory, “playing” the victim perfectly, increasing their strength, or even animating their corpse. If they do hit tha… The actual Supernatural episode “Ghostfacers” is presented as this in-universe pilot, shot in a hand-held style, like Ghost Hunters or the Blair Witch Project, and the combination of this style and the modus operandi of the big bad lead to some really freaky moments. Oh yes. Snatching the creepy crown once again, Davy Perez’s “Breakdown” is by far the most tense and disturbing monster-of-the-week episode of season 13. 'Supernatural' Halloween ... 2018, 10:00 am. It’s your typical boy meets girl, boy’s jock friend gets girl, jock gets accidentally turned into a werewolf but girl loves him anyway, OG boy gets intentionally turned into a werewolf in a fit of jealousy, everyone loses control and starts killing each other fairytale. Episode 4.07 – “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” – at 8:00a.m.-9:00 a.m. ET/PT Sam and Dean meet Castiel and his fellow angel Uriel, who warn the brothers to avoid intervening in a town where a witch is attempting to summon the demon Samhain, opening one of the Seals. From hauntings to ghosts, zombies and even Bloody Mary, TNT is your destination for getting into the Halloween spirit. Rob Zombie's Halloween trailer redone with Supernatural clips. From The Press Release Shapeshifters, Zombies and Ghosts Invade TNT with an All-Day Supernatural … Here are four different ways Supernatural can do a Halloween episode. Donna calls Dean and Sam for help after her niece Wendy goes missing. This Supernatural review contains spoilers. Bringing you that one movie, show, book and album that you need to consume. Supernatural is getting ready to debut what could be their craziest season ever, where the Winchester Brothers battle Adolf Hitler and a new Lucifer, played by Rick Springfield, but is the show also prepping its endgame? The fourteenth season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on October 11, 2018, on The CW, and concluded on April 25, 2019. Supernatural doesn’t always do seasonal episodes, so it was nice to bring a bit of normality into the show, and make it relatable to real events. Expect gore, blood and Dean in … Always worth rewatching the guest appearance of a young Dustin Milligan (a brilliant, chameleonic Canadian actor who stars in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Schitt’s Creek) as Corbett, the intern whose soul is saved by the power of gay love piercing through the veil, but that aside, this episode is both one of the show’s most comedic and its most creepy – quite the achievement.