Research into the use of platinum shows that technological advances are needed before it can match the performance of existing palladium-based catalytic converters, according to … Its heavy weight and durability make platinum a metal that will not wear away with constant use like gold. Platinum is a dense, stable and rare metal that is often used in jewelry for its attractive, silver-like appearance, as well as in medical, electronic, and chemical applications due to its various and unique chemical and physical properties. Platinum is widely used as a catalyst for chemical reactions. Platinum guidewires are used to maneuver catheters to treatment sites. It is more precious than gold and silver. For surgery, doctors use radiographic imaging to see a catheter’s platinum marker bands so they can operate on an area without creating a major incision. Platinum engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and bracelets account for over a third of the metal's use each year, almost as much as in autocats. ; Silicones – Adding platinum compounds controls curing, helping to achieve the properties required for the numerous uses they have in everyday life. Platinum is an important catalyst in many chemical processes and nitric acid, fertilizers and synthetic fibers all require platinum to be produced. This has led it to be used for investments. Platinum is used as an alloying agent for various metal products, including fine wires, noncorrosive laboratory containers, medical instruments, dental prostheses, electrical contacts, and thermocouples. Cardiac implants. Nitric Acid – Platinum-based catalysts have now been used in the commercial manufacture of nitric acid for a century. Because of its stable physical and chemical properties, platinum metal is a very useful metal. Industrial Applications Of Platinum. Investments. The platinum coats the autocatalysts which is designed to chemically control the harmful emissons that your vehicle makes. Platinum-cobalt, an alloy of roughly three parts platinum and one part cobalt, is used to make relatively strong permanent magnets. Despite its rarity, its application is quite widespread. Coronary stents, heart valve splices, and pacemaker components are all made with platinum. Platinum is also used as a catalyst to make chemicals like silicone, nitric acid and benzene. Platinum holds fine gemstones firmly in place for the life of the jewelry when used … Platinum is a rare precious metal primarily used to create fine jewelry. The most important use of platinum is in vehicles, as a catalytic converter, facilitating the complete combustion of unburned hydrocarbon passing through the exhaust. In past several years platinum has become a very precious metal. Some watchmakers use platinum in their watches to make it exclusive. Because of its high stability, platinum is used extensively as … Platinum is used in jewelry, decoration and dental work. Most popular in China, platinum jewellery is generally purer than its gold counterpart, because the metal is denser (21.5 grams per cubic centimetre versus 19.3 g/cm3) and more hard-wearing. Platinum is also used in autocatalysts. PtO2 is used as a hydrogenation catalyst in vegetable oil. Platinum is used in dentistry fillings and for creating artificial teeth and crowns.